About the Challenge

An introduction to the Rapid Recovery Challenge

The Rapid Recovery Challenge

Nesta’s Rapid Recovery Challenge will find and scale tools and services that improve access to jobs and money for people within the UK, focusing on those hardest hit by the economic shock resulting from COVID-19.

The £2.8 million Challenge is funded by Nesta, in partnership with JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Money and Pensions Service.

Through a phased process of development and evaluation, twelve semi-finalists will be selected in December 2020, six finalists will be selected in May 2021 and two winners will be announced at the end of the Challenge in September 2021.

With this funding and non-financial support from Nesta and partners, the 12 semi-finalists will adapt and scale solutions that improve the job prospects or financial security of the Challenge’s target end users:

  • Younger workers (16-24)
  • People in, or who have recently lost, low-paid work
  • People in, or who have recently lost, insecure work


Please explore the sections below for everything you need to know about the Challenge. If you have further questions please check the FAQs or get in touch at rapid.recovery@nesta.org.uk

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